About me

I set up this blog as I needed to solve a dilemma which has been keeping me awake at night, waking me up when I do finally nod off and generally interrupting my life. Should I rent my house and take a late-in-the-day gap year or sell up, throw caution to the wind and take off into the wide blue yonder??

I think I’ve made a decision!

Just writing things down, gathering my thoughts and thinking about my previous travel experiences and the ones I still want to do has made me realize that it’s time to move on.



It’s early days and there will be lots to sort out, both clearing the house to sell and making decisions about when and where. In the meantime, I’ll share my travels so far and my thoughts as I make the journey towards the next phase of my life. When, how,where and how long I will travel for in the future will unfold.

Come and take a journey with me for …..


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